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After Sales Service

After Sales Service

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User visit service   

After a period of service, we apply the necessary quantitative management to the user's application level and user requirements to improve our service work. We will also provide new suggestions for users in the context of user business development. We will invite some of our customers to participate in the development and testing of our new products. To this end, we will establish a user visit system to provide users with more convenient communication channels. 

Win-time service

Time is money. Our service is creating benefits for users. Aolide will form a perfect after-sales service network with 31 agent service companies all over the country, equipped with sufficient after-sales service vehicles, and establish a team of more than 400 maintenance service engineers. The computer ERP auxiliary management system makes the service information processing programmatic, guarantees the fastest speed and the best way to rush to the scene to win time and create benefits for the user. 

Paid service

We carry out paid service, professional quality and quality assurance for Aolide products outside the Three Guarantees.
售后服务    售后服务