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Recruitment Position

Recruitment Position

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  In order to meet the development needs of the company, we are now recruiting employees from the headquarters of Zhangzhou for the society.
  Basic requirements for candidates: good thinking, good character, honest and trustworthy, no illegal behavior, dedication, hard work, strong sense of responsibility, ability to bear hardships and endurance; good sense of integrity, physical and mental health, specific matters are as follows:
  I. Recruitment positions and requirements
  (I) Working place: No. 100 Jingzhou Road, Yinzhou District, Jining City (Shandong Aolide Engineering Equipment Headquarters)
  Recruitment Position 1: Network Salesperson
  1) Work content: engaged in network promotion and related work
  2) Basic conditions: male or female, high school, technical secondary school or above, age 18-35 years old, that is, born in 1983-2000,
  The following work experience is preferred:
  a. Network B2B promotion and promotion staff (work experience)
  b. Household registration in Jining and surrounding areas (work experience)
  c. Have more than 2 years experience in sales (work experience)
  3) If there are relevant working experience conditions, the requirements may be relaxed appropriately.
  Recruitment position 2: Foreign trade sales specialist
  1) Work content: Engage in foreign trade sales promotion corporate culture work
  2) Basic conditions: male or female, undergraduate or above, age 18-35, that is, born between 1983 and 2000
  3) Jining and surrounding areas
  4) Those who have received the letter of credit and the relevant documents are given priority, and those who are particularly good can relax the conditions appropriately.
  Second, salary treatment
  1. Sign the labor contract uniformly and pay the five risks according to the company's regulations.
  2. Implement post performance pay system
  Third, registration arrangements
  1. The specific arrangements for registration are as follows:


Recruitment position



work place



Registration date



Registration place



International trade commissioner



Company coordination



Register every weekday



Luzhou Wastewater Treatment Plant West Road North (Shandong Aolide)



Network salesperson



Company coordination



Register every weekday



Luzhou Wastewater Treatment Plant West Road North (Shandong Aolide)