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Aolide Concrete Laser Leveling Machine Maintenance Knowledge

Aolide Concrete Laser Leveling Machine Maintenance Knowledge

Aolide laser leveling machine How to maintain after concrete floor construction: Body cleaning Preventing rust Leveling scraper and vibrating plate
Aolide laser leveling machine How to maintain after concrete floor construction:
● Body cleaning: When cleaning the surface of the laser leveling machine, first check the tank, tubing, joints, etc. of the equipment for any dents or leaks. Also check whether the fixing screws of the tank bracket are tightened. No problem after inspection. After cleaning, it can be cleaned.
●Preventing rust: When the laser leveling machine is in daily maintenance, it is necessary to apply butter or rust-proof oil to the mechanical parts of the leveling machine, mechanical exposure and rust-prone parts to prevent mechanical rust, and gears and chains. The wheel and other parts also need to be applied once a month.
● Leveling scraper and vibrating plate: The quality of the laser flattening machine slab has a necessary connection with the construction quality. Some construction sites have more ash layers or other sundries, which causes the leveling of the flattening machine to become fouled. Dirty, resulting in unqualified construction, so usually pay attention to timely cleaning of the slab.
● Oil oil and hydraulic oil replacement: The oil and hydraulic oil in the laser leveling machine need to be replaced for a period of time. Most people think that as long as the oil in the fuel tank is discharged, the new hydraulic oil can be filled up, but at this time, the hydraulic oil pipe is inside. Many old hydraulic oils will remain. When the equipment is used, the new oil and old oil will be mixed together, which will seriously shorten the service life of the new oil. The correct oil change step is to first drain the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank and clean the fuel tank. Then add new hydraulic oil, then remove the circuit main pipe, start the engine and run at low speed, make the oil pump work, operate the various mechanisms separately, and discharge the old oil in the circuit one by one by the new hydraulic oil until the oil return main oil has new oil flowing out. So far, connect the oil return main pipe to the fuel tank, and add new hydraulic oil to the fuel tank to the specified position of the laser leveling machine.
How to maintain the laser leveling machine for everyone to explain here, I hope the content of the text can help you, of course, due to time issues, this article is not very comprehensive, we will continue in the following articles For everyone to introduce, please also friends who want to expand their knowledge, continue to pay attention to our website and WeChat public number, thank you for your support.