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Concrete floor construction method and worker distribution, you have to look

Concrete floor construction method and worker distribution, you have to look

Concrete laser leveling machine is a kind of equipment that uses laser as the reference plane, adopts the original import receiving system, and realizes the high precision and rapid leveling of concre
The concrete laser leveling machine is a kind of equipment that uses the laser as the reference plane and adopts the original imported receiving and sending system to realize the high-precision and rapid leveling of the concrete through real-time control of the leveling head. It is believed that the friends in the industry circle level the laser. The machine has a certain understanding, then how to maintain the laser leveler after the usual use? Let's talk about the operation method and worker distribution of the concrete laser leveling machine.
Operation method of concrete laser leveling machine
After the base layer is processed, the equipment is debugged by the laser leveling machine, and the fixed reference level is drawn according to the original level; the plastic film is laid, the steel mesh is tied (according to the design requirements), the side mold is supported, and the laser emitter is set up, according to The original level points the floor level into the laser leveler.
1. Use the product 砼 to transport to the construction site by bus. Standard university core
Use the handheld receiver to check the floor elevation, introduce the elevation into the laser leveler, and adjust the reference point on the leveler (±0.00).
2, concrete paving
In the effective construction range of the laser leveling machine leveling plane, the concrete is firstly leveled to 1-2cm higher than the floor level (the specific height depends on the concrete slump), and then the Alide concrete laser leveling is used. The machine completes vibrating, compacting and leveling work at one time.
3, smear light
When the poured concrete reaches the initial setting, it is polished by a sander and then manually smeared and lightened.
Number of workers and job content
1. Check the machine equipment before starting the machine, set up the transmitter with the driver, install the hand-held receiver; adjust the scraper of the floor machine at rest, no error at two points; operate the concrete leveling machine, observe the machine Whether it works normally, check whether the laser receiver is in the horizontal position, supervise whether the feeder and the packing are timely; when the construction is finished, the machine is cooled after the standby is cooled. Check if the functions of the machine are normal; check the transmitter power.
2. One of the staff members assists in the installation and commissioning of the machine, sets up the transmitter with the host, and installs the handheld receiver. Check whether the position of the transmitter is safe; measure the height of the concrete after initial paving (the range is controlled at 2mm≥, ≤10MM); measure the height of the concrete after leveling (the range must not be lower than -2MM and not higher than 3MM). Focus: concrete edge And the concrete surface is scraped by hand; the construction is finished at the end of the day, and the machine is cleaned after the standby unit is cooled. Check the handheld receiver's charge.
3. When the two concrete levelers are not operated, the concrete will be initially leveled together with the paver; when following the machine, the commander of the main machine must be followed to carry out the feeding and filling of the position of the machine scraper. (Requires that the concrete material shall not be lower than the edge of the scraper and shall not be higher than the edge of the scraper by 35 mm);
4. 2-4 pavers must obey the command of the driver; the concrete is initially leveled.