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Why more and more people use laser levelers

Why more and more people use laser levelers

In the construction process of modern industrial plants, the floor is a very important division project. The quality of construction is directly related to the overall perception and user experience,
In the construction process of modern industrial plants,the floor is a very important division project.The quality of construction is directly related to the overall perception and user experience,especially in the construction of large-scale industrial floor concrete. In order to achieve the level of industrial floor surface without hollowing,cracking,inequality,and mirror effect,it is necessary to use advanced mechanical equipment,and the application of Aolide floor laser leveling machine in engineering construction.It is to solve these problems.The computer control system automatically adjusts the elevation in real time 10 times per second.The vibration frequency of the vibrator and vibrating plate reaches 4000 times/min,which can ensure that the ground area construction does not produce cumulative error. Compared with traditional manual construction,the construction efficiency is higher, and the super-flat effect Better, since the market,it has been well received by new and old users.
So, what are the advantages of laser leveling machine construction and traditional craftsmanship?
1. Reduce labor costs and double the efficiency. There are many traditional constructions, and it is necessary to support the formwork (channel steel), management, and paving. It takes about 20 people. The construction area per day is 2000m2. The Xianglong laser leveling machine can reduce the total number of people to 4-8 people, which can be operated by one person. The daily construction area is increased to 3,000 m2 - 5000 m2. Significantly reduced labor costs.
2, laser on the point, high accuracy, low error. Traditional process leveling requires a template to control the ground elevation and pull control lines. The elevation error is large. The level and flatness of the entire floor cannot be guaranteed. The laser point-to-point transmitter is suitable for large-area disposable paving. The laser measurement and control system controls the elevation in real time, the leveling is not required, and the side template is not needed to control the ground elevation. Thereby, the elevation error caused by the vibration of the template (channel steel) during the construction process is avoided, and the elevation error caused by the conventional manual block mode is also reduced.
3, flatness and integrity better traditional process construction, one day support, one day of mercury, can only be jumped one by one construction, limited, can not continue to work, and the overall integrity is not easy to cause construction joint accumulation error . Xianglong laser leveling machine has a one-time overall paving of large-scale floor, which has higher efficiency and flatness. The completion of the entire floor makes the ground integrity better, which is not possible with traditional construction techniques.
4. The ground is denser and evenly 4,000 times per minute of high-frequency vibrator, so that the flat-head vibrator produces uniform high-frequency vibration, making the concrete floor more dense and even.