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construction standard of super - flat floor for concrete laser leveler

construction standard of super - flat floor for concrete laser leveler


construction standard of super - flat floor for concrete laser leveler

Construction process:

Civil engineering mode branch (bottom) - reinforced royal tied to concrete pouring and laser quashed elevation control, imported laser leveling machine for concrete leveling and professional and technical personnel with 3 m and precise leveling - single plate finishing scraper to pulp screeding - professionals with 3 meters blow bar precision by flat - double disk drive finishing machine professional operation assignments - surface charge light - finished product protection

(a) civil engineering mode branch (bottom) : civil engineering mode branch (bottom) and the normal design and construction according to the drawing specification acceptance standard elevation control strictly, scaffolding poles and firm, that should be paid attention to is "clear water concrete floor (ground) surface with synchronous construction, concrete pouring to facilitate mechanical construction, should not have higher floor (ground) elevation of templates or firmware, reserve, buries the level provided for.

(2) reinforced royal firm: because the surface is the use of reinforced concrete protective layer of the floor (ground) surface of one-time molding, so reinforced royal firm must ensure that the concrete protective layer is enough, do not allow the steel bar, stirrup or welding parts not according to stipulations in concrete pouring on the surface above, hitting the steel bar caused by mechanical, not only destroyed the machinery but have also jeopardized one of the floor (ground) surface.

(3) laser level controller controls concrete pouring: set the elevation on the column bar before concrete pouring, and direct the accurate elevation to the control system of laser level controller. Concrete pouring personnel will normally control the elevation within the range of 5-10mm higher than the designed elevation, laying a good foundation for leveling of the next laser leveler.

(4) concrete laser leveling machine: in the case of accurate elevation setting by professional technical personnel, there are mechanical operators to precisely level the concrete surface under the control of laser leveling device. The leveling opportunity will automatically calibrate and control the leveling machine at high frequency to ensure the accuracy of the leveling plane.

(5) professional leveling: this procedure is for concrete pouring surface exudation is complete, with laser quashed reiteration puddles of place, use of water in concrete bridge, with 3 m scraping the poles on the surface of 360 ° rotation, leveling achieve full control of flatness and the column root template edge detail shunping, repeatedly with laser quashed detection is achieved.

(6) single plate finishing machine pulp screeding: in according to specification pouring the concrete at the same time, the use of concrete in construction time, the early early pouring concrete will reach initial setting, when the initial setting (on the concrete surface have 2-3 mm footprint), and using single plate finishing machine imported and trowel disc, cross breaking pulp trowel, to ensure the smooth control of mechanical operation process.

(7) professionals with 3 meters blow bar fully depend on ping: after the first disc cross trowel wipe, and then from professional and technical personnel to use 3 m poles for compaction of concrete after overall relies on a flat surface, the concave-convex department to fill in, cutting processing, to achieve comprehensive level, then according to the concrete to the outside temperature, wind and other factors determine strength rise speed, weaving machine with several times.

(eight) double disk drive machinery operation: in a single disc machine broken oar cross, 3 meters blow bar after fully relies on a flat, a professional can use double disk drive machine operation to the concrete surface to smooth, compaction, crossover operation, make the trowel roughness continue to improve, to concrete surface smooth and detailed, change of the double disk drive disc, multilateral cross erased with a spatula.

(ix) surface finish: with the disk trowelling, the machine with a blade to smooth, according to the strength of the rate of increase,

To the concrete theory to reach the final coagulation, the use of mechanical vertical knife method, with the mechanical speed, blade Angle, the surface layer for the final collection of light, before the collection of light with individual sand holes, corners, column roots in advance with professional spatula processing.Through mechanical trowelling, smoothing, light, and finally achieve a smooth, smooth, meticulous, no sand hole, a certain Angle looks like a mirror, to achieve the true "clear concrete" floor (floor), to the whole of a layer, durable

finished product protection

(a) general practice, after the floor receives light to complete about 5-10 hours, use maintenance blanket or special maintenance non-woven cloth to cover the water can be wet. 

(2) if the floor on the ground to the upper construction has been completed, need to strengthen on the finished product protection, papery fiberboard universal coverage available to protect the concrete surface layer, and in the open shelves, protective bamboo basketry available in the demolition of frame range spread, will remove the steel pipes, fasteners in bamboo basketry, can prevent steel tube, fastener direct impact "rinse concrete floor (ground).

(3) to complete the building there is a requirement for pollution prevention (ground) layer, because in the sprinkler maintenance or rain process, some water will be used in curing fiberboard, blankets or the dirt from the wooden template infiltration bubble under some colors, can contaminate the finished product of the "clear water concrete" or color wear-resisting floor (ground) surface, according to our experience, using special concrete sealing wax coating in the finished product surface, the formation of a surface wax coating on the surface layer can prevent pollution damage to the floor (ground) surface, realize the closed anti-fouling.,

(iv) if there is a small amount of damage phenomenon in the construction due to reasons such as inadequate protection, special adhesive adhesive SBR can be used for pit repair and it is a paid service.Therefore, the protection of finished products is of vital importance. Engineering departments should set up a special leading group for the protection of finished products. The principle of clear rewards and punishments, clear responsibility between each process and the construction team, and responsibility for the destruction of finished products can be completely avoided.